The Nice Ones of Puerto

Los Simpáticos has stood out in recent weeks as an advertising medium for the municipality of Puerto de la Cruz.

We are very grateful for this and also a little proud.

Our aim is to show our visitors that we treat guests with respect.

For this reason, we have created the symbol of the "Sympathikus" and rate the individual companies according to their competence and ISO 9000 suitability.

It started in the district of La Paz, but due to the demand we are extending our service to the whole urban area of Puerto de la Cruz.

We offer the tourists a possibility to make their holiday with us even more pleasant without disappointments.

With small promotions and events we point out the family businesses in Puerto della Cruz, which stand out for their friendly competent manner and have contributed to a more pleasant public life.

Our next action starts on the 11th of May and in this case it is related to the centre of Puerto de la Cruz with different small

Outside the actions, the sign of "Los Simpáticos" is always an indication of good quality, and fair trade.

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